The HFL Curriculum

THE HOOKED FOR LIFE Curriculum was developed to help churches, camps, and other Christian organizations use fishing as an outreach ministry. It's a non-denominational, activity-based resource that includes easy-to-use lesson plans. 

Each lesson plan consists of three components, FISHING, FAITH & FELLOWSHIP.

  • The FISHING component provides the necessary information and resources to teach a particular fishing skill or concept.  A variety of instructional methods are used including hands-on activities, group projects, videos, discussions, and demonstrations.  Some of the different fishing skills include fishing safety, stewardship and ethical angling, knot tying, casting, fish identification, finding fish, rigging bait, and using artificial lures.
  • The FAITH component is Christ-centered and focuses on our need for Jesus Christ. The Faith Component includes  a faith message, Bible study, or activity that parallels the fishing skill or concept.  The idea is to help participants make meaningful and lasting connections between fishing and faith.  This component always ends with an invitation to participants to place their faith and trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.
  • The FELLOWSHIP component provides additional student centered activities that put FISHING and FAITH into action.  Some of these activities include games, crafts, conservation and stewardship projects, and fishing. 

The curriculum is written on an upper elementary to middle school level.  However, it can be adapted to meet the needs of any audience, youth to seniors, and it can be delivered or presented through a variety of programs.. 

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Program Options


The HFL Curriculum gives churches the flexibility to conduct different types of outreach programs. The type of program a church chooses is up to the church.

Extended Programs

The entire curriculum can be delivered over the course of several weeks or months through extended programs, such as HFL Fishing Clubs, Summer Camps, and Bible studies. Extended or long-term programs are highly recommended. These programs: 

· Encourage life-long participation that makes an eternal difference; 

· Provide opportunities for learning and growth,

· Nurture self-confidence,

· Foster positive Christian relationships, and

· Build a solid foundation of faith.

Short Term Programs

Short Term Programs, such as Weekend Retreats, Week long Camps, and One-Day Fishing & Faith Events, can also be used. These types of programs create wonderful opportunities for your church or organization to serve the community, share the love of Christ, and spread the wonderful sport of fishing.

The HFL Ministry Guide

The HFL Ministry Guide provides step by step directions on how to get your church's HFL Outreach up and running.  The guide is attached below for your viewing.


See the Ministry Guide and Sample Lesson below.

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Sample Lesson

This is a sample lesson from the HFL Curriculum.  To read more about the HFL Curriculum download and read the Ministry Guide below.

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